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Sa'fir iah doqrina ze. Pep Vi'akh azer. Taia dere ail, Sa'fir khoitak e shana ten loanto. Pep zib ih dure ih aoti ih machde loanto klanik. Taia ishire ail, Sa'fir e der zol laterik. Pep mue e khurdaniek etez fekonik momo kimoie. E khurdaniek ezitez olazion kipaste.

Sa'fir iah neie ih du sashit katazik. Sa'fir neie poz raoo hora. Lehmord ipf Saia. Sa'fir de sashit poz raoo. Lehmord etez Zora ih Nadi. Nadi ropo ze. Zora de doki ze, ih ipf saiakh hora ze. Zora Saia esi, otim Saia saiakh ze itiu. Sa'fir atonsa ze, ih klapa ze.

Sa'fir otim klapa ze, Vi'akh azer aside. Pep asoi poz tedo e kobrat tesor tin akura. E kobratek amir ih aka aratoik, ih kada ze. E khurdaniek Sa'fir ih asoi poz ne ditopok, feri zoik kus azio. E minvakh nalakestekhe! Sa'fir otim etez akataz.

Sa'fir iah doqrina ze
Sa'fir a   scribe  is

pep Vi'akh      azer
He  city.of.God is.from

taia der-e  ail, Sa'fir khoita-k e   shana ten loanto
all  day-PL in   Sa'fir book-PL  the king  for write.IND

pep zib ih  dure      ih  aoti           ih  machde loanto    klan-ik
he  pen and parchment and writing.tablet and ink    write.INF use-IND

taia ishir-e  ail, Sa'fir e   der zol   later-ik
all  night-PL in   Sa'fir the day about write-IND

pep mue e   khurdan-i-ek etez     fekonik  momo kimoie
he  for the Pagan-PL-ERG 3.PL.ABS hate-IND REL  IND-know

e   khurdan-i-ek e<zi>tez      olaz-ion  ki-paste
the Pagan-PL-ERG 3.PL.ABS<DAT> read-PTCP IND-prohibit

Sa'fir iah neie ih  du  sashi-t     kataz-ik
Sa'fir a   wife and two daughter-PL have.inalienable-IND

Sa'fir neie poz raoo     hora
Sa'fir wife his love-IND very

lehm-ord  ipf     Saia
call-REFL 3.F.ABS Saia (Saia means "beautiful")

Sa'fir de  sashi-t     poz raoo
Sa'fir and daughter-PL his love-IND

lehm-ord  etez     Zora ih  Nadi
call-REFL 3.PL.ABS Zora and Nadi

Nadi ropo  ze
Nadi young is (i.e., a tween)

Zora de  doki  ze, ih  ipf     saiakh    hora ze
Zora but adult is, and 3.F.ABS beautiful very is

Zora Saia esi, otim    Saia saiakh    ze itiu
Zora Saia like because Saia beautiful is also

Sa'fir atonsa   ze, ih  klapa  ze
Sa'fir handsome is  and clever is

Sa'fir otim    klapa  ze, Vi'akh      azer      a-side
Sa'fir because clever is  city.of.God leave.INF FUT-plan
(In this clause, aside "will plan" is morphologically future, but semantically present-subjunctive. Historically, the present subjunctive degenerated, and it eventually disappeared, except for the various places where it still needed to be used. The future paradigm was co-opted to replace it.)

pep asoi   poz tedo e   kobra-t tesor     tin    a-kura
he  family his with the cave-PL northward toward FUT-flee

e   kobratek amir ih  aka   arato-ik,          ih  kada ze
the cave-PL  food and water have.alienable-IND and safe is

e   khurdan-i-ek Sa'fir ih  asoi   poz ne   di-topok,    feri zoik     kus azio
the Pagan-PL-ERG Sa'fir and family his NEG  ABILITY-harm but  3.PL.ERG REF FUT-try
(kus is a discourse particle that refers to an element in the previous clause)

e   minvakh       na-lak-estekhe
the DIM-person.PL NEG-should-fear

Sa'fir mue etez     a-kataz
Sa'fir for 3.PL.ABS FUT-have.inalienable ("to protect" is within the semantic range of katazik)

Sa'fir is a scribe. He is from Vi'akh. Every day, Sa'fir writes books for the king. He uses pen and parchment and writing tablet and ink to write. Every night, Sa'fir chronicles the day. For he knows that the Pagans hate them [his people, referring to the persecuted monotheists]. The Pagans prohibit them from reading.

Sa'fir has a wife and two daughters. Sa'fir loves his wife very much. She is named Saia. And Sa'fir loves his daughters. They are named Zora and Nadi. Nadi is young. But Zora is an adult, and she is very beautiful. Zora is like Saia, because Saia is also beautiful. Sa'fir is handsome and smart.

Because Sa'fir is smart, he plans to leave Vi'akh. He will go with his family northward to the caves. The caves have food and water, and are safe. The Pagans cannot harm Sa'fir and his family, but they will try to. The children must not fear! For Sa'fir will protect them.
Only got to 143 words, but I was almost there.

This is an excerpt from a lesson book created by Sa'fir to educate his children and the others that fled with him to the caves of Misuf. The lesson books were available in both Hra'anh, as exhibited here, and Bosk'e, a now dead language whose child language is spoken by Sa'fir's ancestors, the Misufin, otherwise know as the Nomads.

I modeled this after Athenaze, a Greek textbook by Maurice Balme and Gilbert Lawall. It uses vocabulary lists, grammar explanations, and declension/conjugation charts, but it also uses stories to give a look into how discourse functions in Greek.
zuloo37 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012
Good job on the submission! That reminds me of my Latin textbook, which taught things in a similar way.
mbrsart Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
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